Simon Petrikov took over my life

20/mx as in mexicanlicious

Hi I'm Lizzie This blog is my stash used mainly to post fanart, reblog stuff and analyze Adventure Time as well other series I like.


What state would this most likely be?

This is a hint that Simon’s country while very similar to USA, its not like our world’s USA, this one is probs weird.

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I removed the voices from the background music in ”Betty”, the Simon Petrikov theme remix but voices removed. It sounds a bit eerie, mostly because this is as much as the software can do. 

Betty saves save ice king returning him to Simon, they get married and invite all the princess but on the big day something happens the princes start spazing out and part of there bodies start falling of and come together to make princess monster wife, she shout he my MAN and punches Betty in the face and run of with a confused Simon



What if Simon used to make bad memes


i really like how many people have reblogged this post and tagged it with somebody’s name. everyone’s got a bad meme machine in their life


I just needed to get this off my chest right now.

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this is probably my favorite joke from futurama tbh

I love Futurama but I don’t get this what’s the joke

The joke is that a bunch of conspiracy theories say aliens came and taught Egypt how to build pyramids (because they are ‘too impossible’ for humans to have built’) and it’s actually the Egyptians that taught aliens and advanced their culture.

I hope it applies to Aztecs and Mayans too ;)


Is this hiatus long enough to call a gigapause?



[10:31:33 PM] Betty Grof: Have you ever gotten online while drunk
[10:32:38 PM] Marshall Leeroy Jenkins: yes
[10:32:54 PM] Marshall Leeroy Jenkins: once in a while I post drunken text posts on Werewolf-Queen
[10:33:18 PM] Marshall Leeroy Jenkins: y’all can play “is WQ drunk or is she just weird today”

btw just started following on twitter. You're one of the best person i've met this year. You're funny, smart and super awesome plus you're a cutie. Even tho i'm not a super fan of adventure time i enjoy even those posts! Sorry for being a creep too >3<

Thanks a lot!
lol Nope, following my twitter isn’t creepy. I have my twitter on the links sidebar of my blog layout for anyone who wants to check it out.

Love and appreciation to the friends and followers that tolerate my whining ass.


this season is incredible

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I dunno why, but I don’t find tall guys attractive, much less if they have very deep voices.

I feel more comfortable with guys around my size that have mildly deep voices. I think maybe I feel uncomfortable if the guy towers me by like 13 inches.

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And that’s why you don’t touch radioactive burning acid zombies, Prof. Petrikov. Doesn’t matter how curious you are, do not poke the zombie.

I got asked if I’d mind prayers, not at all. I’m not precisely a believer myself, but I always will appreciate the gesture. It means you care. Thank you. ;u; So MUCH. ;w;

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